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Planning a Wedding Shower

Wedding Shower Party Planning

Traditionally, wedding showers were held to help the bride start her new life. All the close ones used to come together and give her various utility gifts. This age old tradition started long ago and has various stories attached to it. One of the stories says that a rich man's daughter had to leave her home as she wanted to marry a poor man and obviously her father did not support this marriage. Hence, all her friends and close ones came together and gifted her all the necessary things to start a new life. It seems this is how the tradition began.

Bridal showers have evolved with time and the intentions have changed too. Although gifts are still given to the bride, most of the times they are not out of necessity. Bridal showers are meant to have fun along with gift giving. Nowadays grooms are also invited whereas earlier it used to be strictly an all women affair. Showers where the groom and other men are invited are called couple shower. Even now some bridal showers are all women affairs. However, the intention is to help the bride relax and chill out. Nowadays, brides plan their wedding all by themselves without much help. This can be extremely stressful. Hence, bridal shower is meant to shower all the love and gifts on the bride and pamper her.

Wedding showers are usually held two to six weeks before the wedding. However, if the bride lives out-of-town, it may be necessary to plan it at a different time i.e. around a holiday. Following are some points, which helps you when you will planning for your wedding showers.

Who hosts wedding shower

Traditionally the bride's mother, groom's mother, or other immediate family member should not host the wedding shower. But nowadays anyone can host it. Many times family members and friends hosts, organize and share the cost of wedding shower.

Wedding shower themes and gift planning

Choose a wedding theme that will suitable for your personality and style. There are many wedding shower themes such as wine tasting theme, garden shower, brunch, holiday shower, something for groom, around the clock shower and many more. Gift planning is also an important part of wedding planning.

Wedding shower favors planning

Any thing you can give to your guests as return gift. Giving favors to your guests is became a fashion nowadays. Every party includes this tradition. Wedding shower favor ideas includes: single rose, one baby shoe, recipe card, cookies, candles, flower plants and seeds, jelly bellies, chocolates, etc.

Planning for food

If you have chosen brunch theme for your wedding shower then serve fresh fruits, bagels, muffins, fruit salad and quiche. You can also serve a cold cut platter with rolls to make sandwiches. For beverages, serve fresh orange juice and coffee. For dessert, serve cake, lemon squares and chocolate covered strawberries.

Food is an integral part of any good occasion. Planning a menu largely depends on time of the day and the season. Wedding shower is slightly casual in nature and hence the menu should reflect this as well. You could arrange a buffet of finger foods, juices, milkshakes, etc. as far as possible , avoid heavy alcohol. You can serve fresh fruit juices, thick shakes, fruit desserts, etc. You can simply have an afternoon tea party. Along with tea you could serve small sandwiches, French fries, muffins, etc. You should not forget to serve the cake.

Planning wedding shower games

For entertainment of your guests plan for some wedding shower games. These includes: clothespin game, bridal shower bingo, what's in the bag, 12 questions for the groom, how much do you know about the bride, wedding win lose or draw, guess who, name that spice, etc. It is important that all the guests attending the shower should be able to participate in the games and enjoy themselves. Anybody from small girls to good old grannies could attend your shower. Hence, everyone should be able to relate to the games you choose to play.