Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

After the emotions of wedding ceremony, it is time to celebrate. Reception is the first party that will be given after marriage for new couple. With systematic and careful reception planning, getting to that point is not so difficult. The key is to plan early and stay organized. Here is the list of some of the basic things to do while planning a wedding reception.

You could opt for a traditional reception with music, first dance, etc. or choose the most unconventional path. All this depends on your priorities, budget and number of guests. If the number of guests is below fifty, you can choose an outdoor destination, indulge in adventure sports, treat the guests in a seven star hotel, celebrate with an NGO or a charitable foundation, etc. You could find many innovative ways on your own.

Leave the song and dance routine and rock climbing or scuba diving instead. Of course, this is possible only in a small group of friends and with professional advice. It is also a good to celebrate your day with the needy. You could include the members of any charitable organization you work for. Ask the guests to donate to that NGO instead of giving you gifts. Declare this in the invitation card.

If there are any kids attending your reception, you can arrange small events for them like painting, tattoo, and some one minute games. Reward the winner with some small but utility gifts. Make sure you have all the required arrangements for kids and senior citizens.

Selecting a wedding reception location:

The first thing to do when planning for a reception is choosing a location. It gets the top priority in the list of to do things. It is needed to choose and determine the availability of the reception location early. Also, make sure that your reception location will have the capacity to house number of guests as per your expectations.

Food and drink choices for wedding reception:

Your food menu will be determined by variety of factors. It is fuel for your wedding reception. Fist of all you have to choose a good caterer, it will be apparent that there will be number of options to choose menu. It is nice option to choose vegetarian food and consider the special dietary needs of your guests. Also, you will need to decide about drink option whether you want an open bar or a pre-selected beverage options. Don't forget the champagne for your toast and those soft drinks for guests who do not consume alcohol.

Wedding reception music:

The music will set the tone and mood of entire affair. There are many options to choose music for your wedding reception. You will find various bands and D J's. Larger wedding locations will have evenings set aside for the previewing of bands. During cocktail and meal times the reception will start out with softer and slower music, which provides calmer environment while eating. After that music generally heightens and force people to dance. When party is near about to end then the music again quites down and remind your guests that the reception is almost over.

Wedding favors for reception:

Favors make a great way to say thanks to your guests and add personal touch to the celebrations. These are not just fancy but also thoughtful. Try to buy favors that maximize charm while minimizing cost. Here are some ideas: bottles of bubbles for blowing, chocolates, cookies, scented votive, and many more.

Wedding reception cake:

The wedding cake is main attraction of your wedding reception. Everybody looks for the wedding cake. Choose cake that will be best suited for your wedding themes. Many years ago in the days of Roman Empire, the wedding rituals were completed with barley bread. The groom takes a bite of cake and breaks the remainder over the head of his bride. Nowadays, customs have changed a bit and we choose cake as per our wish.

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