Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding Planning Guide

Wedding planning guide is an useful tool while preparing for your wedding. It contains all the requirements of a wedding which in all probabilities you might skip or remember at the last moment. This or any sort of information pertaining to weddings can only be a guiding tool. You need to enlist the requirements as per your preferences. It gives you information on just about everything related to a wedding from wedding announcements, engagement parties to sending thank you letters to your guests. There is a huge process in between these two steps.

Wedding Planning Guide

You start preparing your list well about a year in advance. Include all the factors you need to do on a priority level. List some of those factors which you could about 6 months before your wedding and some of the aspects left to do just 15 days to a month before the wedding. Fix a total wedding budget and allocate an amount to each of your requirements. For instance, if the total budget is $5000, you could spend about $500 on the wedding dress, $ 400-500 on the favors, $1500-2000 on the venue, same on the catering, etc. See to it that you stick to your budget.

A wedding planning guide also gives you plenty of information regarding the latest trends, wedding venues, caterers, wedding planners, decorators and other vendors you might require for your wedding. You get information about various decor accessories, wedding cars, flowers and flower arrangements, new types of bridal bouquets, artificial and silk flowers, etc. You can read about various cake types, traditional and contemporary wedding cakes, different flavors, other delicacies you could include in your wedding menu, drinks, desserts, starters, etc.

It gives info regarding various destinations for weddings which are cost effective, honeymoon destinations, travel and accommodation, total packages for honeymoon, extended holidays for immediate family members in case you plan a weekend destination wedding, etc. There is information regarding spas, beauty salons, fashion designers, bridal dress designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, cheap stores to buy accessories, jewelry information, etc. There are various templates of invitation cards, wedding vows, poems, messages for the couple, etc. Sources to buy the invitation cards and other sets of cards you might require are also mentioned. A list of photographers, photographs of couples by these photographers, and their profile is also present in most of these guides. There are also certain tips on wedding etiquette, maintaining a successful marriage and handling the relationships, pressures and responsibilities post marriage. There is also a list of marriage counselors along with their profile mentioned in these guides.

While arranging a wedding party there is a common question appeared who pays what? As per the tradition the whole expenses were paid by bride's family. But nowadays wedding expenses are getting shared among the bride's family, the bride, groom and groom's family.

In addition to the above tradition more and more couples today tend to plan and save to pay entirely for the cost of their own wedding. In this case the wedding invitations are sent out in their own names.

Following is a customary breakdown of who pays for what:

Groom and His Family Expenses:

  • Engagement ring and wedding ring for bride
  • Wedding attire for groom
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Marriage license
  • Out-of-town usher's accommodations
  • Alcohol at reception
  • Gifts for the bride, ushers and best man
  • Bridal bouquet flowers and corsages for the mothers and grandmothers
  • Boutonnieres for fathers, ushers and ring bearers
  • Fee's of Officiant
  • Honeymoon pack
Bride and Bride's Family Expenses:
  • Fee of wedding consultant
  • Expenses of personal notes, invitations and mailing
  • Transportation for the wedding party
  • Wedding dress, headpiece, lingerie and other accessories
  • Attendants bouquets
  • Gift for groom
  • Guest book
  • Cost of the reception and ceremony.
  • Expenses of photography and videography
  • Wedding rings for groom
  • Favors
  • Accommodations for out-of-town bride's attendants
Attendant's Expenses:
  • Own dresses and shoes or tux rentals expenses
  • Wedding gift
  • Bridal shower and shower gift
  • Bachelor parties and bachelorette
  • Hair and makeup styling
  • Travel expenses, if necessary