Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding Planning Etiquette

Giving abundant gifts to a newly engaged couple has been tradition and wedding etiquette from many centuries and is the most important reason why the wedding gift dealing has remained profitable in spite of changing business conditions. A wedding gift is a concrete representation of support, care and love for the couple to assist them to start their new life on a positive and optimistic note.

Below are the tips on Wedding planning Etiquettes:

  • Wedding planning etiquette states that guest are formally invited to the wedding occasion and in reception. Guests need to send a gift, despite they attend the ceremony or not. However, those invited but stay very far and are not in close contact with the couple for many years, have the choice not to follow this tradition.

  • Guests who are requested to attend a wedding shower should give a gift but does not have to present the gift if, he or she cannot attend the occasion. A close relative or friend will probably send something even though they are not attending the occasion.

  • Engagement gifts are not compulsory but it has started to become a necessity in some parts of the world. A guest who is not certain whether or not to give a gift to an engagement party may check with the hosts for guidance.

  • Perfect wedding gifts can range from expensive jewelry, gift certificates, camping tools, gardening equipments and household domestic devices. Selecting a gift should be a pleasurable activity. The gift registry is very useful in determining what to present the couple.

  • Placing a gift registry in an invitation is major disgust for guests, as it will give scope to focus more on the gift and less on the consideration of inviting to the marriage. The guest's should have the option whether to give a present or not. Sometimes the most unforgettable and sentimental gifts are those which are carefully picked for surprises.

  • Generally, gifts should be delivered to the bride's home before the marriage begins, that is the most important wedding planning etiquette. Gifts sent after the marriage should be addressed to the couple's new residence. Some cultures need the gift to be brought to the wedding house instead of sending it ahead of the occasion. Guests may send the presents right away after they receive the wedding invitation.

  • Proper wedding etiquette planning states that the couple should right away writes a thank-you note to the sender after getting the wedding gift.

Wedding planning etiquette is the prime factor of marriage. As we do wedding plans, in the same way we should learn the common wedding etiquette. Above mentioned tips will help you to learn some basic wedding etiquette.

Wedding planning etiquette deals right from the age old traditions regarding the contribution of wedding expenses to the way you carry yourself in the weeding and from the way you invite your guests till you send them a thank you note. There are certain responsibilities meant for the groom's mother and some for the bride's parents. Like the earlier days, there are no hard and fast rules regarding the expenses. It is not at all necessary for the bride's father to bear all the expenses now. There are various reasons for this. Late marriages and financial independence of women are two main factors for this. Couples tend to marry late and are hence already settled and financially stable. Hence, they pitch in the maximum contribution in their own wedding. Yet, this does not take away the participation of their parents in their wedding right from welcoming the guests to giving gifts to their children after they are a newly wed couple.

There are certain norms while inviting guests or the way you send your invitation card. You need to follow certain norms while inviting people for wedding shower or while finalizing your bridal party. Make sure you invite all the people attending the bridal shower to the wedding. It is not mandatory for everyone to give gifts. However, it is a bad idea to mention the gift you want on your invitation card as it shifts the focus from you actually inviting them to you wanting a gift. These are bad manners.