Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding Checklist

Wedding is an auspicious moment, which should be taken care in an organized way to make the wedding memorable and special event not only for the wedding couple but also for all the people who attend the wedding. There are many things in wedding that need to be organized as soon as your wedding date gets finalized. This is the most crucial phase where all bookings are made. Make sure you have all your bookings confirmed and make a list of it.

A checklist would definitely help you in organizing a hassle free wedding without any chaos. Start preparing one right from the day you get engaged. Go on adding things as and how you remember. These could range from wedding accessories to catering and from guest list to favors. Get the subheads right. For instance, no of guests from both families. Finalize the number so that you can search an appropriate venue. You would also get a judgment of the quantity of food. The prime subhead though should be the budget. If your total budget is $5000, then allocate a certain amount for each aspect you want to buy or rent. For instance, allocate $500 for the wedding dress, $2000 for the food, $500 for the favors and some amount for the rent of the venue and so on.

Research everything well before you finalize anything. For instance, find out a number of venues before you finalize one. Check if the venue would fit in all the guests and meets all your requirements. Also, check the rent. Check if the venue authorities have a wedding package that includes everything from flowers, music, food to arranging car for the couple, transportation of the guests, etc. Such package are often affordable because of the total cost involved. You do not have to spend some amount on the florist while some on the DJ.

To make your work for wedding easier here is a wedding checklist only for you:

  • Budget is the primary thing, so always consider your budget
  • How big you want your wedding should be planned in advance
  • You should make a list of function you organize
  • Set time and date for each functions you organize
  • Make a list of guests you are inviting for the various functions
  • Feel free to allocate roles and responsibilities between both families
  • Visit different venues or places to discuss their availability and cost
  • Book good accommodations for out of town guest
  • Call different caterers, restaurant managers and hotels and discuss sample menus so, that you have choice
  • Order for wedding invitations cards and send invitation to all your guests
  • Always book a professional photographer or videographer
  • Start purchasing your wedding outfits and trousseau
  • Make a list of honeymoon destinations and speak to your travel agents. You can take the help of Internet to search for honeymoon destination
  • Make sure your passports and visas are all up to date
  • Decide upon the lighting arrangements
  • Choose seasonal flowers and a floral theme from your florist for your wedding
  • Make good music arrangements
  • Wedding bands, engagement rings and matched wedding sets adds brilliance and excellence to you big day, so make sure that you go to a reputed jewelers shop
  • Keep a record of both refusal and acceptances
  • Take appointments from your beautician and hairdresser
  • In advance book your car for the wedding
  • Pack gifts for your relatives and family
  • If your going out of country for honeymoon, order foreign currency or relevant traveler's check if needed

Your big day is here now, and it is time to have lot of fun and enjoy with your relatives, family and friends.

Things to be done a day before the wedding

  • Re-confirm all your bookings
  • Re-confirm menu and drinks with the caterers, which are to be delivered
  • Make sure your florist soaks and prepares all flowers and foliage and make them ready.
  • Make sure that your wedding car is neat and clean
  • Try to relax and take rest, and go off to bed early night.