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Winter Wedding Themes

Winter has been quickly catching up as the season of weddings due to the uniqueness, festivities and the romance that it brings along. Christmas is just round the corner and there is a feel of the festivities in the air. The world seems to be celebrating the love that you share with your partner and there comes the desire to get married to the man of your dreams. Planning a winter wedding theme is easy as with nearing Christmas, there is no dearth of new ideas and decorations.

While planning a winter wedding, you need to consider the following:

  • Color Palette:

Winter Wedding Themes

The winter season has a unique color palette with the colors such as white, blue, silver and gold. You can also include the Christmas colors so as to add the necessary bing to the overall settings. Various shades of white such as snow white, ivory, off white with silver, gray, baby blue and ice blue can be used for the winter wedding theme.

You can go the other way round by selecting warm colors for a winter wedding. Warm colors typically consists of red, oranges and yellows, but you can also use dark purples and grays with reddish tones for the opposite effect.

Opt for cooler colors, such as navy blues or olive greens, to contrast your prime wedding color. Especially, when used with a dark cherry red or bronze-like orange, these cool colors hold the richness needed in a winter wedding color scheme.

  • Decorations:

With Christmas round the corner, you can go for the typical Christmas decorations with the fake snow, the various sized Christmas trees, snowmen and snow women, gingerbread men and houses etc. You can use the traditional red and green decorations for the walls, floor and pathways with luminaries, candles and string lights. Use snowflakes as the hanging decorations. Adorn the ceiling with these. You can use them in various sizes and colors. For the center table where the wedding cake is kept, you can place figurine of Santa Claus for an added effect complete with reindeer and the sledge. Make heaps of snow in the corners with the help of cotton balls.

For centerpieces, use gingerbread houses and write the names of the guest on the each wall of the house with the help of the icing pipe. You can also use the gingerbread men for the place cards carrying tiny name tags of the guests.

Use poinsettias as well as peonies for making the bouquets as the centerpieces. You can also use white, silver and blue balloon bouquets for the ultimate winter wonderland.

  • Favors:
Christmas ornaments, snowflakes, gingerbread houses or men, miniature snowmen, Santa Claus figurine, sledge with reindeer, miniature Christmas trees are some typical favors handed out at a winter wedding. However, you can also go for warm favors such as chocolates, cookies and candies packed in attractive packages. Monogrammed cookies, personalized candy bars are some of the options for the winter wedding favors.

If you want to go for something unusual, go for wraps, stoles, gloves, shrugs, socks, which can be used by the recipient for a long time.

  • Flowers:
Flowers like Calla Lilies, Roses, Gardenias, Carnations, Snowball Mums and Holly are the flowers typically available in the winter season. Holly can be used for ceiling or hanging decorations, and you can use red and yellow calla lilies for the much desired warm look in a winter wedding venue.

  • Menu:

Go for a white wedding cake, decorated with silver flourishes, or sugar sculptures and snowflake outline. You can also adorn it with little snowflakes here and there, snowman topper or the gingerbread topper. For the food, go for roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and for desserts, go for pumpkin pie, apple pie or a simple and all time favorite chocolate pudding like mousse, fudge etc. People generally tend to prefer summer wedding themes, but winter wedding theme has its own beauty and charm.

Be creative and let it flow when you think about the decorations and every little detail of your winter wedding theme.

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