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Wedding Themes

Wedding Themes

There are millions of questions and thoughts that roll in and out of a would-be bride's mind while planning her wedding. Primarily, you should decide which style of wedding theme suits your personalities and lifestyle. Play it smart and choose your theme first. It's easier to organize your decorations, favors, dresses, flowers, menu and all the other things required when it revolves around a theme.

Types of wedding themes:

Summer wedding theme:

Summer is the most preferred season to get married. This is mainly due to the pleasant weather, greenery, ease of travel and transportation, wonderful sunshine and an overall positive vibe. It is common for most couples to opt for various themes for a summer wedding. For instance, most couples opt for vibrant colors like yellow, orange, etc. They prefer outdoor locations like beaches and gardens and they have a scope to use plenty of fresh flowers.

Beach themed wedding:

Beach themed wedding can allow couples and their guests to enjoy the most noticeable asset of the season that is sunshine. They will be out in the sun, depending on the time of the daylight that the occasion is held. Other than that, beach can offer people astonishing views of the sea and the nearby sights. The visitors can even walk around on their bare foot and can go swimming after the ritual. To make the event more impressive, try to dish out a variety of sea foods to match this theme.

Garden themed wedding:

This is another extraordinary theme to apply in summer. What makes this option considerable is that it provides guest the chance to get pleasure from all that nature has to offer. There are the singing birds and amazing shrubs and flowers that can calm you and your guest's feelings. One way to improve this theme you can set birdcage as your showpiece. Both the beach and garden themes are set outdoor. Whichever of them you may desire to take, try to make sure that the whole thing matches with the summer theme you are considering.

Winter wedding theme:

Many people prefer to get married in the winter; because they consider getting, married during winter actually brings different advantages. For example: hotels will not be completely booked during this time, therefore there will be lot of discounts going on, during this season.

Ice and Snow wedding theme:

Winter weddings are certainly white to the sight. But, generally there are plenty and ample of different things you can do to make your winter wedding interesting and exciting, with the incorporation of the color white. For example: you can have a theme of ice and snow for your wedding. The groom and his guest can all wear white suits. The bride and her followers can wear white as well. This is for the snow aspect of your marriage. As for the ice aspect, the bride can wear diamond and crystal jewelry. She can even wear a crown or tiara that is laced with diamonds and crystals.

Wedding theme is now in fashion, everybody wants to have a special and extraordinary marriage. Wedding is something that unite couples together, thus a single blunder can definitely turn a wedding imperfect. Therefore, be very careful while selecting your theme.

Here are some theme wedding examples:

There are umpteen wedding styles. One just needs to be innovative. If you are not a traditional person, you could opt for numerous themes depending on your choice, weather conditions, seasons, etc. Destination weddings are becoming popular nowadays. Some couples seek locations away from the US. For instance, Umbria which is a peninsula near Italy is now a popular wedding venue. This is mainly because you can have a catholic wedding there. There are many old heritage structures here along with beautiful scenery. It is also relatively cheaper than other destinations. So you can afford to take your family, friends and close ones along where they can have a wonderful extended holiday after the wedding.

Other places outside the US which some couples choose are some countries in Asia and North West Europe. North west Europe is obviously very expensive; hence, you should have a lavish budget. Asia on the other hand gives you different taste of culture altogether. It is indeed a mesmerizing experience.