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Traditional Wedding Themes

A traditional or white wedding theme is by far the most famous and popular one. It epitomizes love, devotion and loyalty and they are both elegant and stylish. This theme has a long history and is sure to remain famous for a long era to come.

Traditional wedding themes

Colors: Colors play a big role in setting the scene of wedding day, and when it comes to a traditional wedding theme, you cannot go wrong with the elegant and graceful white or ivory. They should actually be prominent throughout with a touch of gold or silver. Look for highlight with traditionally used colors depending upon the season for example: peach and lemon for spring weddings, lilac and mint for summer, coffee brown color for autumn and burgundy or green for winter weddings.

Stationery: A wedding invitation will usually be the first and the most important thing that a visitor gets regarding your wedding so it is very significant. They are used to set the scene for any particular theme that you plan to convey on your big day. Hand-made, craft based stationery works well, with traditional symbols of love, hearts, doves or pressed flowers for instance. Try to use calligraphy inside the cards to improve the traditional appearance.

Traditional Wedding Theme Transport:

Vintage cars are necessary for any couple looking to carry off this theme. Plymouth’s and Ford Tudor's are some of the alternative available.

Traditional Wedding Theme Outfits:

The bride should obviously wear white or ivory, in order to match with the traditional theme. Black Prince Edward Jackets with grey lined trousers are perfect for the groom and groomsmen.

Traditional Wedding Theme Flowers:

Roses, irises carnations, lilies, and hydrangea are some of the traditional wedding flowers available. Make sure your florist knows about this theme.

Decor & Favors:

Big gold or silver balloons with smaller balloons to match your color scheme are a great choice. Ivory or white perfumed candles, ribbons and table confetti in suitable color are other necessary traditional decorative items. Lavish chair covers, along with quality plates and cutlery will help to carry off the theme and when it comes to favors, sweet almonds wrapped in tulle or organza are simply ought to be there.

Food & Drink:

Food and drink are a grand way to emphasize any theme, so why not reflect on the following options, which will help to compliment your theme:

  • Welcome Drink: Bucks Fizz should be served
  • Reception Starter: Roasted Plum with Tomato Soup should be served
  • Reception Main Course: Supreme of Chicken or beef
  • Reception Desert: Profiteroles and Chantilly Cream with fresh fruits is a good choice.
  • The Wedding Cake: Three tier cakes with marzipan decorated in white icing with cherries


One of the biggest factors in any wedding theme is the location. For this, you should book up a venue that has some historical values. A country house, castles, museums, university buildings and others are really good.

If you have ever dreamed of getting married like prince or princess, then Traditional wedding theme is best option for you

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