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Spring Wedding Themes

Spring symbolizes new life, it brings with it an atmosphere of love, life and celebration. Naturally, this is the most popular season to get married. It symbolizes the new beginning and couples are eager to begin their new lives in the spring season.

Planning a spring wedding theme seems like an easy task with Easter just round the corner. It's easy to find the decorations, plan the menu and the perfect venue for your fairy tale wedding. However, as easy as it sounds, a spring wedding requires thorough planning.

There are a few important things you need to consider while planning a spring wedding theme. These are:

  • Invitations - A wedding invitation is important in setting the tone of your wedding. Designing an invitation according to the theme sets the tone of your wedding right away. Spring flowers or scenery are popular for the spring wedding invitations designs. You can use real flowers and leaves for your spring wedding invitations and make it unique. Invitations come in various shapes, sizes and formats and you have a lot of scope for experimentation and creativity while designing the spring invitations as the season if full of life.

    Spring Wedding Themes

  • Decorations - The backdrop of Mother nature for this wedding renders the other decorations needless. However, you can still go for the floral decorations, which are most appropriate for a spring wedding theme. Use the streamers of holly and ivy as the wall and ceiling decorations. You can also use the strings of lights intertwined in trees for a special spring effect. Go for floral centerpieces made of single Calla Lily flowers or single rose buds. You can also use leaf pots with peony and carnation flowers on the tables in stead of place cards. Just stick the pieces of paper with guests' names on them. Centerpieces such as potpourri, candles, and vases are excellent for the spring wedding theme decorations. Use flower arrangements like bouquets for the decoration of center tables where the cake will be kept.

  • Favors - Spring wedding favors can be anything like chocolate easter egg, monogrammed easter egg or chocolate easter bunny. Small plants, miniature watering cans or birds' nests, etc .can also be suitable favors for a spring wedding theme. Anything that depicts the theme of spring i.e. love and life can be an excellent idea for spring wedding favors.

  • Menu - The spring wedding menu should ideally include fresh vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, green peas, etc. You can include chocolate as it is Easter time. Include fruits such as strawberries, rhubarb, apricots, mangoes and pomegranates. You can have a chocolate cake with real flowers cascading down the side. The starters can include asparagus, shrimp and fresh vegetable salad. Lamb. Chicken and pork are ideal for the main course. For desserts, of course, chocolate pudding such as mousse, torte or fudge is a great idea as it is liked by most of the people and has a festive feel overall.

  • Attire - The ideal attire for spring wedding would be a white gown with a hint of color in it. For instance, a wrap in the lightest shade of pink or a baby blue sash. If you don't want to go for any extras, you can get an embroidery done in your favorite pastel shade. The bridesmaids dresses should be in the classic colors such as pink, blue, light green or bright colors such as red, green or ant color, which goes with the theme of the wedding. Men, including groom can go for suits, colored shirts and color coordinating ties. If the groom decides to go for a tux, the groomsmen should go for the same, however, the shirts should be of different colors.

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