Wedding Planning Ideas

Other Checklists for Planning Wedding

Wedding planning is a tedious process and can be quite stressful at times. There are ample things you need to do in and before a wedding. Ideally you should start planning for a wedding at least a year in advance or immediately once you announce your engagement. You should write down all your requirements for a wedding. Take your own time to do this. Everyday you sit with the list and add something to it till you think it is complete. There are certain things you need to do 10-12 months in advance, some 5-6 months before, some things just a month before and some just a few days before the wedding. You need to sort these things properly. You need to take care of the smallest details while planning. This helps you in organizing a hassle free wedding.

After you plan out a budget which is the most important step of wedding planning, you start making your lists for every aspect of the wedding. Lists for wedding dresses, venues, favors, catering, photography, invitations, engagement party, flowers, music, ceremony, gifts, reception and n number of other aspects. Make a separate list for each of these aspects. For instance, venues; list the number of possible venues within your area or outside as per your dreams and budget. If you want a beach wedding, list some of the private beaches and start contacting the authorities. Check out the rents and the total costs.

There are certain other lists you can do about three months before the wedding. This includes finalizing on the accommodation for out of town guests. Buy favors for your guests. Check your wedding dress once again and make sure it fits you well. Print the final invitation cards and start send them eventually. Buy your rings. You can finalize on all the vendors and meet them again to discuss all the details especially regarding the venue, menu, cake, etc.

There are some checklists you should take care of just about 15 days to month in advance. These include some last moment things like contacting the guests who have not responded. This will help to make a final guest list. Touch base with your vendors once again just to remind them Finalize your appointments with hair stylist, makeup artist, etc. Check with your florist, DJ, etc. You can give reminder calls to your guests especially the ones you really want to come. Coordinate with your wedding party and any other close family member of friend who is helping you in your wedding planning. Check with your maid of honor, bridesmaids and other members if they have problems with their outfits, jewelry, etc.

There are several checklists to consider while planning your wedding: