Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding Tips - Things To Do Before Wedding

When it comes to plan a wedding you have to think about few basic things. These includes: setting a wedding date, choosing a location for your wedding, obtaining marriage license before the day of wedding and many more. Just have look on how to do these things.

Setting a wedding date:

Setting a date of your wedding is the most important and first part of wedding planning. Because without setting date, you can not proceed further. Set the date of wedding which is suitable for you. Many couple chooses a date six months in the future. Some couple may plan their wedding during their vacation time or holidays, if they plan for a long honeymoon.

Also there are holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving offer long weekends. It is better to set your wedding on these days so that your family members and other relatives are not required to take an unpaid time off from work.

Wedding Planning Process:

This process can become complex and tedious if not done on time. You should start planning your wedding immediately after the engagement. Especially the bride should be particular about the smallest of aspects.

Setting a budget is important. Plan everything considering your budget and the maximum limit to which you can stretch your expenses. Start talking to all the vendors- florists, bakers, caterers, DJ' church authorities, venue authorities, etc. Get to know the legal procedures and keep all your documents ready.

Just a week or fortnight before the wedding make sure that you have invited everyone from the guest list. Buy favors for your guests, check if your wedding dress fits you well and check and buy all the required accessories and jewelry.

Buy gifts for your parents and in laws. Buy something for your would be husband as well. Give reminder calls and confirm all your respective requirements with various vendors to avoid any last minute hassles. Give a gentle reminder to all your guests as well.

Select and finalize your wedding vows. You can do this with your partner or alone. If you have arranged transport for your guests check the time of arrival, etc. If you are getting married in another town or city, then make sure that you have made enough accommodation to occupy all your guests. You could book a bridal suite.

Finally, prepare yourself emotionally and mentally to enter into a new phase in your life. Be sure to enter into this wonderful phase with an open mind; without any pre conceived notions about marriage. This even applies to all the couples who have stayed together before marriage as a legal relationship and a live-in relationship are quite different from each other. Accept each other with all the positive and negative points.

Select wedding location:

After setting your wedding date your next step is to select a proper location for your wedding. Those who are living in big cities secure locations early because halls have limited availability. In fact, some wedding halls have a two-year wait list. Also who live in smaller or rural cities may face this type of problem but it is important to begin searching early.

You can choose a church as your wedding location. Those who have decided on a churchwedding secure a church in advance. It is free if bride or groom is a member of a church. Couples are able to reserve a church in which neither are a member. But they have to pay a small rental fee.

Obtaining marriage license:

The marriage license is a piece of paper, which makes everything official. There are rules to obtain marriage license, which vary from place to place. There are few things to bring while coming to officiate.

  • Bring medical record such as some blood test record or other medical records.
  • Bring ID, generally birth certificates, driver's licenses and passports are acceptable forms of ID. Your social security number is also often required.
  • Carry some cash.
Go together because in places it is required that both bride and groom will be present at the place.