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Fall Wedding Themes

Now-a-days, most brides prefer the fall season to get married due to the rich vibrant atmosphere of the season. Many families come together and it is essentially a family time for the young people, who want to tie the knot. There are many reasons to choose a fall wedding theme for your big day. For starters, the season has its own personality; it is vibrant, passionate, romantic, has a rustic charm and an electrifying quality. Besides, the hues and the foliage gives a lot of scope to experiment and explore the flora and the other elements of the season.

Let's go through the various things you need to consider for a fall wedding theme:

  • Invitations:

Leaves is the most popular motif for a fall wedding theme. Invitations shaped like leaves or printed or handwritten on real leaves or hand-drawn sketches of leaves and branches on the canvas are some of the most popular invitation ideas for a fall wedding. You can also use motifs such as branches, twigs, trees and pine cones along with the leaves. Write a caption such as "Come...Fall in Love..." on the envelope or for a casual, funny invitation, you can write "Fall in Love...Pun Intended!" Be creative and you can literally play with the ideas that the foliage gives you.

  • Color Palette:

Fall or autumn season is well known for the vibrant and rich color palette. The hues such as fiery orange, bright red, rusty maroon, bottle green, chocolaty brown and burned gold are the colors, which lend this season its own character and personality. If you are not much of a 'color' person, you can incorporate the pastel shades and traditional ivory, black and white and make an altogether different color palette.

  • Favors:

The favors should be in tune with the season's character. Give your guests a bottle of maple syrup or a beautiful apple tied with a gold ribbon. Your favors can also include some caramels, marzipan fruit and a Popsicle stick.

Fall Wedding Themes

  • Decorations:

Use pumpkins for a perfect fall setting for the decorations. Carve various designs in the pumpkins and place candles in them for an extra effect. You can carve mouths to these pumpkins and fill them with sand. Place some bouquets of mixed flowers and you have excellent centerpieces for the wedding. Pumpkins give a typical Halloween mood to the celebrations.

Use typical fall colors such as red, maroon and orange while deciding on the wall decorations for the ceremony. You can also incorporate the white to balance the color combination of these bright colors.

  • Menu:

A typical Halloween menu of roasted turkey, chicken or pork with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes will be an excellent menu. For desserts, serve pumpkin pie, apple cider and baked apple.

For a fall wedding cake, get a traditional white cake and adorn it with silk leaves or edible dried leaves. You can also make floral decorations for an added effect. The white cake with leaves in various bright colors cascading down the cake, the cake looks every bit an autumn cake. The flowers and other flora available in autumn is Mums, Yarrow, Chinese Lantern fruits, Daisies, Fall Leaves, Tallow Berries and Natural and dried wheat; all of which can be used in decorating the wedding cake can be included in the menu.

  • Attire:

The bride can go for the traditional white dress. However, there is a lot of scope for the bridesmaids dresses and the bridal bouquet. The bridesmaids can be made in green, red or gold. However, it is not possible to make these dresses in orange, brown or other autumn colors. Incorporate the other colors in the bouquets carried by the bridesmaids. You can also make the bride's bouquet in these colors. Use rich fabrics such as velvet, brocades, tulle, etc.

Consider these things when you plan a fall wedding theme for your big day. Always remember that you don't have to do all of this. Just a subtle hint of theme in non-clothing department can also work wonders just due to its subtlety. This is your day and plan it according to your taste rather than the "expert opinion".

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