Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding Coordinator

Weddings now-a-days can be expensive and hectic and these days' couples want it to be their way. Most of the couples give first priority to their careers, which demands a large chunk of their time and they just cannot sit down and plan a wedding. For these people, wedding coordinator is a blessing. He takes care of everything right from the invitations to fixing the venue to finalizing the menu and everything that the couple is too busy to do.

A wedding coordinator or consultant or a planner is the same. They do the same thing although with different names.

Wedding Coordinator

The prime duties of a wedding coordinator are:

  • Planning the itinerary or program of the wedding
  • Providing options for vendors and zeroing in on them after the discussions with the couple
  • Finalizing the Venue
  • Making sure that everything runs smoothly and handle emergencies (if any)
  • Keeping the event budget friendly
  • Planning the attire of the entire wedding party along with the bride and the groom
  • Arranging the logistics

They should be able to handle emergencies like parking problems, lighting emergency, etc which may cause the problem in the special occasion. They have to be trained to handle all sorts of problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are responsible for everything right from menu to flowers, musicians and decorations of the wedding venue. They are supposed to take all the responsibilities and relieve the couple of the stress that the wedding planning process has in store for them.

The importance of wedding coordinator:

A wedding coordinator is a person who is an expert in wedding planning process. They have the training and contacts necessary for a smooth sailing wedding. The first advantage that the couple gets from this coordinator is reduced costs. Due to their experience, they are able to negotiate for products and services from the respective vendors. They should be able to use their contacts, familiarity and knowledge with the dealers to get a good price and quality at the same time. As they take care of every little detail of arranging the wedding ceremony, you will have time to go about your personal tasks such as visiting the hair salon or going over the invitation list. Wedding planning process can be very challenging and exhausting and you need to preserve your energy for the big day. Too much wandering and stress can drain the couple and make them look tired on their big day. All the exhausting tasks can be assigned to the wedding planner who will do it professionally as they have done it several times. They will be able to offer advice on the best dress to wear, most suitable decorations and transportation.

Choosing a wedding coordinator or consultant is a task. You need to consider the following points before you hire a wedding planner:

Many couples who are getting married they usually appoint the coordinator to handle all the details. This give them freedom of time for other things and makes the arrangement and planning a little less chaotic.

  • A wedding coordinator should be well-trained and experienced
  • They need to have an expertise in their field
  • They should understand, what you actually want in your wedding and plan accordingly and not try to dominate you
  • Their behavior towards you and your wedding party should be friendly and understanding
  • They should be able to organize things systematically

Make sure you ask if they are certified because there are many people who do it as a hobby. They are mostly good, but it is always a better option to have a certified wedding planner. Also ask for recommendations or references so that you can meet the people they have previously worked with and get a hands-on opinion about their work.

While making advance payment, make sure you sign a contract wherein all the minute details are mentioned including the services offered, the services not included in the package and any extras that might be added. Also, make sure the refund rules and cancellation policy is favorable to the client in case anything goes wrong or you have to postpone the wedding due to some emergency.