Wedding Planning Ideas

Checklist for Groom

Grooms have a plenty of work to do other than purchasing a diamond engagement ring and planning for honeymoon or preparing wedding speech. If you are a groom planning for wedding, then read up this checklist list, as it will surely help you to make you big day perfect.

Checklist for Groom

Each participant of the wedding has a defined set of responsibilities that he or she has to perform. The busiest person is bride and she is helped in the planning process by her Maid of Honor and the other bridesmaids. Similarly, a groom is helped by his best man and other groomsmen in the preparation of the wedding. In the ancient period, the groomsmen's main duty was to protect the groom and make him reach safely to the wedding venue and capture the bride. Now-a-days, these groomsmen act as morale boosters for the groom. They throw the bachelor party, give an advice on the how to dress, what gift he should give to the bride and his in-laws and help him plan his honeymoon.

As said above, the groom has a lot of things to do while planning his wedding. A checklist for groom should cover all the responsibilities that he is supposed to fulfill and the timeline given for each task. Having a checklist for groom helps in smoothing the planning process.

One year prior to the wedding:

  • Choose a wedding date according to your and the bride's convenience.
  • Set the budget by discussing it with the bride and your and her parents. Basically, people who are contributing are to be included in this discussion.
  • Prepare the guest list. Consider bride, her parents, you and your parents and then finalize the guest list. Remember to keep it simple and do not hesitate to trim it down a little.
  • Decide the type of wedding ceremony you want. For instance, Christian, Traditional, Jewish, etc and plan accordingly.

8 - 10 months prior to the wedding date:

  • Announce your engagement to your near and dear ones.
  • Put up an engagement announcement in the local newspaper.
  • Set the budget for honeymoon.
  • Start hunting for a new home if you already don't have one. If you have one, thin k about redecorating it.

6 - 8 months prior to the wedding date:

  • Meet with the wedding officiant. Choose at least three to four officiants so that you get an option and there would be no problems regarding their availability.
  • Choose your wedding party: the best man, the groomsmen, the ring bearer and the ushers.
  • Go ahead with honeymoon bookings. Book the travel tickets, hotel and other things necessary.
  • Apply for passport / Visas if necessary.

4 - 6 months prior to the wedding date:

  • Buy or rent your attire and have a trial session to go through the fittings.
  • Choose the attire for your wedding attendants.
  • Buy the necessary accessories.
  • Hire the transportation with the necessary specifications.
  • Pick out the wedding rings. Do this with the bride so that both of you get what you want.

2 - 4 months prior to the wedding date:

  • Write your wedding vows. If you are not going to write them by yourselves, decide which vows you are going to use. Discuss it with the officiant if you need help.
  • Get the marriage license.
  • Buy the gifts for your attendants.

One month prior to the wedding date:

  • Wrap up the gifts which you are supposed to give to your wedding attendants
  • Make sure the rehearsal dinner invitations are addressed and mailed.
  • Order flower arrangements for dinner tables.
  • Choose a good band, DJ or musicians.
  • Verify honeymoon reservations Two weeks prior to the Wedding date:
  • Meet up with rehearsal dinner caterers for final details
  • Confirm the hotel or suite reservations for wedding night
  • Give final head count to the caterers, bakers and the venue managers. One week prior to the Wedding date:
  • Pack your luggage for honeymoon
  • Acquire your traveler's checks for honeymoon and exchange money to foreign currency if necessary
  • Get some relaxation from a spa massage along with your best man.

One day prior to your Big Day:

  • Select your tux
  • Rehearse with your attendants

On Wedding Day:

  • Offer groom's wedding band to Maid of Honor and bride's wedding band to Best Man before the ceremony begins
  • Now, relax and enjoy your big day

As the saying goes 'Marriages are made in Heaven, but they are performed on Earth., wedding is the big day in our life and there are plenty of things to be done. The above mentioned tips will help you to come out of the common difficulties that you face while planning your wedding.

Make sure you keep this checklist handy and prepare yourself accordingly.