Wedding Planning Ideas

Checklist for Bridal Attire

As tradition goes, the bridal attire ideally should be 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'. It is wedding tradition, which is supposed to bring good luck to the bride. The saying is originated from an English poem and holds a deep meaning:.

Checklist for Bridal Attire

  • Something Old - An old piece of jewelry or cloth woven into the gown material is supposed to honor the roots of the bride and connects her to her family and a happy memorable childhood.
  • Something New - The new piece of jewelry or a new wedding dress symbolizes the hopes the bride has in her married life. It also symbolizes the new journey she is about to embark upon with her husband.
  • Something Borrowed - A borrowed piece of attire such as garter or gloves are good luck charms, which are lent to the bride by her happily married friends or siblings so that she has the same degree of happiness in her married life.
  • Something Blue - In the early 19th century, blue was a popular color for wedding which signified the purity of mind and hence was considered an auspicious color. Thus, a small piece of blue was included in the wedding attire as a good luck charm with the other things.

However, these days there is a vast checklist of bridal attire comprising of jewelry, accessories and a lot more things. A checklist is an ideal way to keep yourself organized in the chaotic wedding planning process. Just like wedding, the bridal attire needs a detailed planning. The bridal attire comprises of the following:

  • Bridal Gown - The gown is the most important thing in the total bridal attire checklist. All your other accessories depend upon the type of the type of the gown you select for your wedding. Be it A-line, mermaid or a simple flowing gown, the attire can be selected accordingly. The theme of the wedding determines the dress on most occasions. However, it is generally the white one with the matching accessories.
  • Jewelry - The jewelry for the bridal attire has to be decided beforehand as soon as you select the gown. The jewelry consists of engagement ring, wedding band, tiara, ear-rings, bracelet, brooch, watch and necklace.
  • Accessories - The wedding gown accessories are shawl, wrap, gloves, shoes, bouquet, veil and headpiece.
  • Lingerie - An important accessory to complete the bridal attire. The lingerie items consist of a bra, a bustier, underwear such as thong, garter, body strap, hoop skirt, body shaper and stockings.

The bridal attire checklist is as follows:

  • Bridal Gown - should be purchased at least 8 months prior to the wedding date so that you have a plenty of time for alterations.
  • Shawl / Wrap - is necessary for a cold or chilly weather and it also adds to the elegance of the bridal gown. It should be purchased along with the bridal gown.
  • Shoes - are an important accessory. You need to purchase them at least 6 months prior to the wedding date.
  • Gloves (if suitable) - should be purchased along with the gown. Some bridal dresses come with gloves. If your gown is without gloves, purchase them immediately if you feel they are necessary to complete the look.
  • Veil - is optional these days. There are various types of veils and they are worn artistically to attain a unique look. However, this is to be bought at least 4 months prior to the wedding date.
  • Headpiece - Any headpiece that you are planning to wear should be approved by your stylist. Consult your hairstylist at least 3 months in advance so that you can have the trial sessions with various headpieces and buy the one that suits you the most.
  • Bouquet - needs to be decided in advance. The selection of the bouquet depends on the theme of your wedding. So, the colors of the flowers are to be decided early and conveyed to the florist well in advance.
  • Wedding Band - Shop for this together with the groom-to-be so that both of you can select the wedding band of your choice that goes with your dress.
  • Tiara - is generally a family heirloom handed from mother to daughter. Ask your family members if there is such a tradition in your family. If not, you can buy a tiara of your choice that compliments the whole look along with the hairdo.
  • Ear-rings and Necklace - Wear these only if necessary. It depends upon the hairdo and the neckline of the gown you are planning to wear.
  • Bracelet - Same applies to the bracelet. Ask your stylist if it is appropriate to wear a bracelet. If you are planning to wear gloves, bracelet is not necessary.
  • Brooch - is generally a family heirloom. Wear it if and only necessary. Otherwise steer clear of it.
  • Bra / Bustier - whichever is suitable is totally dependent on the material of your wedding dress. Decide accordingly.
  • Underwear - Wear appropriate underwear such as thong, body shaper, body strap, stockings and a hoop skirt to complete your look and add grace to the entire attire. A proper underwear works wonders when it comes to complete the look.
  • Garter - You will need garter to throw in the crowd while going away. So choose one which is comfortable and easy to wear and remove.

This is a generic outline of the checklist for bridal attire. You can modify it according to your taste and requirement. Enjoy!