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Wedding Music

Wedding music make your party happening with your wedding reception music. The music you choose can actually make or break the impression of your reception. No other detail will command more influence over the performance of your guests, so you should use this opportunity to elicit the behavior you want. Thus, whether you want your visitors dancing on the tabletops by night's end or would slightly keep the ambiance formal and elegant, your reception music will help out to set the mood.

Wedding music

Shop Around: Choosing your wedding reception music is one of the most significant decisions you will make, so devote some time and energy in scouting for your band or DJ. Check out local acts or ask friends for ideas. Once you find a few bands or DJ that you prefer, check out their websites.

Plan your Play list: Make sure that your wedding music has a wide range of songs and instrumental pieces. You have to make sure that both your 18-year-old cousins and your 80-year-old grandmother should enjoy your wedding reception music and find songs that will attract them on the dance floor.

How to Decide, Band or DJ?

Solve the discussion on whether to appoint a band or a DJ to lead your reception ceremony by considering the pros and cons of each. Sometimes, the type of place you choose and the overall theme of your wedding will decide whether you want to go with a wedding band or DJ, but the decision is always up to you. In making your decision, think about both the pros and cons of each.

Wedding Band

The Pros: A band is live, and when played by knowledgeable musicians, nothing can beat live music. Brilliant musicians can really work with the theme of your wedding reception and transform songs accordingly. If your party is lagging, they can always switch the rhythm. Hiring a band adds the thrilling possibility that anything can happen.

The Cons: With wedding bands charging anywhere from $1800-$20,000, In this case, a shoe string budget could stop you from hiring a band. Also, band music has some limitations when it comes to playing the right combinations of the contemporary and traditional songs.

The Pros: One of the main advantages of hiring a DJ is that all the songs are played as you know them; you can rest assured that your first dance song will sound accurately as you expect it to and can plan consequently. You are also likely to get more range in sound with a DJ, and for couples on a budget, even the most costly DJs are generally less expensive than hiring a band.

The Cons: A DJ usually does not have as much capability to improve and set the theme of the evening. The wedding songs will be played closely how they were originally recorded and thus it cannot be personalized to match a beach, country or jazz swing wedding as bands can frequently do.

It is good to play a variety of music with variations in volume as and how required. This applies especially during the wedding ceremony. There are a number of rituals in a ceremony. For instance, you might want to play a reasonably audible music when the bride enters followed by the bridal party; whereas, the volume of music should be at a minimum during speeches, introduction, vows, blessings, etc. After all you would not want your favorite music to become a distraction for the guests.

You could play classical or contemporary music depending on your choice, venue, theme, etc. Especially if you are getting married in a church, you would most of the times not be allowed to play modern music. You have to select hymns and certain traditional songs like 'here comes the bride'.

Music plays an important role in our life, and especially during wedding. Above discussed ideas will help you to choose good type of music and entertainment for your wedding.

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