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Wedding Planning Invitations

Wedding Planning Invitations

Wedding is one of the most important occasions in ones life that marks the beginning of a journey full of love and commitment. And wedding invitations are the first steps in making the wedding dream come true. Wedding invitations are the most important utility in anybody's marriage.

They are the first official notifications to family and friends of your impending nuptials. While selecting your wedding invitations cards, make sure that you give adequate time to it. The selection of wedding invitations are a very time consuming process because once the cards are ready, you have to distribute them to all your relatives and friends in order to invite them to the wedding.

Different kinds of wedding cards are available in the market. Either you can choose your wedding card from the different styles available in the market or select your own style. There are different samples of wedding invitation wordings to select from.

Your wedding invitations will set the whole theme and tone to your wedding. The paper, writing style and colors all play a key part in this theme and tone setting. Get wedding invitations sample example below:

A fresh new day and it is ours
a day of happy beginnings
when we,

Sophia M. Smith
Alex M. Smith

Pledge our love as one
on Tuesday, on 9th January 2007
at 2:00 p.m.
saint Peter's Cathedral
4O1, Main Street
Pleasantville, Vermont
Our joy will be more complete
If you can join in this celebration of life.

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There are umpteen varieties of cards available. Stationery can really get expensive depending on the kind of paper you choose. If you choose a professional card designer the rates would soar high. Instead you can design your own card. It is easy to write your own content. Also there are many design templates available on the internet. You can choose one of them and fill in the content. All you have to do is buy paper and print these cards. You can buy envelopes from a wholesale store.

There are many cards you have to send. This also depends on the number of guests. However, there are cards you could send for announcements, engagement party, bridal shower, save the date, response, invitation, thank you cards, place cards, map or direction cards, at home cards, and many more you could think of. You could also send personalized invitation letters to people who are very close.

So many cards for all the invitees could lead to a lot of expense. Also, you cannot compromise on the quality of paper used or the content. The content has to be crystal clear and has to convey what you exactly mean to say. Wedding cards convey a lot more than just x weds y. Apart from these essential details; you could have certain enclosures with your card. One of them could be a direction or map card. This depends on the venue chosen. If your venue is hard to find, far off or away from the city then a proper guiding map is important.

You card should set the tone of your wedding. If you have a particular theme or dress code, you should specify it in the invitation card. For instance, if your wedding is a formal affair and you expect people to wear a black tie and come then be specific. You would not want anyone turning up in jeans for your wedding. If you have a beach wedding specify the details and set the expectations right. This is because beach weddings are casual in nature. Also, you would not want most women to turn up in high heels for a beach wedding as it would be difficult for them to walk on the sand. Hence clarifying all the venue and environment details are essential.

Your content just needs to be precise. It need not be poetic or rhythmic unless you naturally have that flair. This applies not just for wedding invitations but also to all the cards you send before and after your wedding.