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Wedding Hairstyles & Bridal Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles depend on the length of your natural hair, the shape of your face and of course your personal preferences. It also depends on whether you want to use supplements, wigs, etc or use only your real hair. You have ample scope for a variety of bridal hairstyles if the length of your hair is below your shoulders. However, short hair kept and as and how it is also looks good at times rather than using supplements or wigs.

Types of Bridal Hairstyles

There are innumerable wedding hairstyles a bride to be can experiment with. There are plenty of hair accessories available in the form of pins, clips, etc in maddening shapes, sizes and colors. Some of the common hairstyles patterns are-

Updo Hairstyles

  • These are all about tying the hair upwards in a bun or roll like manner. French roll is a common hair updo.
  • Likewise you can twist and roll your hair in a clockwise manner and pin it up in a circular manner to form a bun. This looks good especially for straight hair. If you have curly hair, straighten them a bit and then twist them. This apparently increases the length of your hair.
  • You can twist and turn your hair in a number 8 shape
  • There are numerous bands and clips especially in white, gold and silver available in various shapes like butterflies, peacocks, heart, flowers, trinity knots and many other designs suitable for a bride.
  • You can use real fresh flowers on your hairdo. It looks refreshing and beautiful. You get a variety of fresh white flowers that would complement your wedding dress. A combination of white and green flowers also looks stunning.

Down Hairstyles

  • This is all about letting your hair down. However, make sure these do not overlap your face especially eyes as it would not only look bad but make you uncomfortable.
  • You can curl you hair and trim them nicely till just below the shoulders and leave them open
  • If you do not want them completely open, pin them up on one of the sides or at the back.
  • Use pins from a variety of fancy pins available
  • You can even attach a flower next to the pin
  • You can use a stylish headband to fix your hair behind and avoid them falling on the forehead
  • You may or may not have a fringe depending on the shape of your face
  • These styles look good even if you have short hair

Half Updo Hairstyles

  • Half updo hairstyles are all about tying your hair partially. These look good with short as well as long hair
  • You can tie your hair behind like a ponytail or a bit lower on the neck with a hairpin and leave the remaining hair open.
  • You can use hair combs for these updos
  • You can tie a small roll up and leave the rest of the hair like a ponytail

Veils and Tiaras

  • You can use these for almost all the hairstyles. Veils are made of various fabrics including net.
  • Tiaras are available in pretty designs in gold and silver studded with rhinestones, pearls or precious gems.
  • There are wonderful long veils that are embroidered or embellished with rhinestones and pearls.

Wedding hairstyles are an important part of a bridal makeup package. Make sure you finalize on your hairstyle a few days before the wedding day and take a trial. If you opt for a professional hairstylist make sure that you are clear in communicating your ideas, budget and preferences. It is important to do a trial hairstyle with your hairstylist to avoid any last moment confusion.

see here some pictures of wedding hairstyles & bridal hairstyles:

For Short Hair Wedding Hairstyles Fancy Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair Wedding Hairstyles Wedding Hairstyles with Peacock Feathers