Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding Flowers

Your wedding flowers offer abundant opportunity to stretch your creative muscles and add a bit of creativity to your wedding day, so do not be afraid to plan a floral scheme that bucks tradition. These exclusive and modern ideas for wedding flowers and decorations are sure to encourage your own creation.

wedding flowers

Below are the few tips on wedding planning flowers:

Hiring a Florist for Wedding:

The most innovative and artistic bride will gain from a florist's professional capabilities. Your wedding day will be full of action, and you would not desire to spend important hours fumbling with the wiring of each bouquet. A florist is not really a budget breaker. A good florist should be able to work with any floral budget.

Play with Shape:

Make sure you choose fresh looking flowers, not messy looking one. Roses, orchids, and amaranthus work fine in looser arrangements because of the smooth shape of the individual blooms. Seeded eucalyptus will add quality without looking messy. Also consider incorporating non-floral things like feathers, wheat, berries, and crystals to attract attention and depth.

Discover Your Style for Wedding flowers:

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect look of your wedding. Will it be formal or informal? Are you a traditional in favor of roses or lilies, or do you favor more fashionable floral theme incorporating fruits and herbs? Your marriage flowers are more than eye candy; they set the ambiance for the total event.

Pick Your Palette:

Your color scheme should flow directly from your preferred style. Today's floral trends embrace on anything, from wedding flowers in usual whites and pastels to new and adventurous dark hues and citrus shades. Flowers with similar shades or cool contrasts are magnificent, but make sure they match with your overall wedding themes.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers:

When deciding on the particular blooms your desire in your arrangements, be sure to think about the season in which you are getting married.

Look beyond the Vase:

Try to keep options beyond the basic flower vase for holding your flowers. Think about mixing and matching bunch of unique containers like old bottles, vintage tins, mason jars, pitchers, or milk glass to add interest and reflect your wedding theme. For example: You can fill watering cans with natural or wild flowers for a garden fete.

Your Wedding flower Budget:

Determining how much wedding flowers cost is most likely not the aspect of your wedding. You have been dreaming of your wedding since grade school. You may see your flowery budget as the biggest archenemy between you and your wedding flowers. If you plan intelligently, you should have enough money to make the floral theme according to your wishes. You need to spend about 10% of your overall budget on wedding flowers.

Wedding is very special and important in every body life and everyone wants to make their wedding look beautiful and attractive. The above-discussed ideas will surely help you to make your wedding eye-catching.

Flowers add to the beauty of a wedding. It is difficult to imagine a wedding without flowers. Traditionally, flowers play an important role. This is an age old tradition. Bridal bouquet, giving flowers as a favor, using them in the decor, etc. has been done since a long time. If we go back to the earlier eras, people used to walk down to the venue passing through a forest. They picked up flowers for the bride on their way. Hence, this tradition is that old.

Traditionally, orange flowers were considered auspicious for the bride as orange tree is the one that gets flowers and fruits at the same time. This indicates abundance, happiness and prosperity in life. Flowers in a way are also related to fertility in many traditions. Many elderly people give flowers to the couple and bless them to have children.

Nowadays, many brides choose their own flowers. Some of them use artificial ones as fresh flowers are relatively expensive. However, if you plan your budget well, you can get fresh flowers of your choice at least for the bridal bouquet. In the decor, you can use silk or plastic flowers. Some of the artificial flowers look just as beautiful as the fresh ones.

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