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Planning Wedding Ceremony

Planning a Wedding Ceremony

When you decide to have ceremony program for your wedding, there are two types of wedding ceremony one is religious ceremony and non religious ceremony. Today many couples prefer non-religious ceremony or are married by family member or a friend. Also there is an important role of an officiate to give you guidance in crafting your wedding ceremony.

Many wedding ceremonies contain most of following elements:

  • Wedding entrance of the bride and groom
  • Music, poetry or wedding readings, and literature
  • Witness or attendants to sign the marriage license or wedding certificate
  • Wedding Vows
  • Gifts for exchanging wedding rings
  • A first kiss as a married couple
  • A recessional
When you plan for your wedding ceremony the most important step is to choose site or location for ceremony. Select the location as per the season of the year, the number of guests expected and your religious affiliation. Here are some options of the types of ceremony locations: cathedral, synagogue, chapel, church, temple, garden, courthouse, hotel, country club, a private home, hall, museum, park, yacht, winery, a field, casino, the beach, hot air balloon, etc.

After selecting a proper location for your ceremony then your next step is to arrange for other things i.e. food, drink, transportation, favors, etc. Also there is importance of officiate at your wedding ceremony. They are available in secular, religious, judicial, and assorted other flavors. An officiate is a person who will preside over the biggest event in your life. He should share not only your values, but also your vision of a well-oiled wedding.

Your food menu will be determined by variety of factors. Consider the ceremony time for this if your ceremony time is short then give only breakfast otherwise arrange for lunch or dinner depending on your budget. With food you have to also make arrangement for drink.

Give your guests returning gift as per their personality and style which remains in their memory for lifetime. Here are some favor ideas: bottles of bubbles for blowing, chocolates, cookies, scented votives, and many more.

Bring the marriage license or wedding certificate while coming to ceremony because a ceremony is not legal and complete without this. Also have look at various religious ceremonies.

At ceremony location there is another program of reading wedding vows for brides, grooms, attendants, parents and all others which attend the ceremony program. Here are some wedding vows.

Also check out for the things that are needed to bring at ceremony location at wedding ceremony checklist.

Your wedding ceremony could be a completely traditional one in a church or partly traditional one conducted in any other outdoor venue. You could include certain rituals in your ceremony or modify them as per your requirements. For instance, most modern women may find some of the traditional rituals offending. Sentences like "you may kiss her now" or a vow in which a wife has to "obey" all the orders of her husband do not quite apply in today's world. Hence these could be modified as "You may kiss each other" or eliminate this sentence totally. Even in the case if your wedding vow, you could eliminate the above sentence as you need not "obey" your husband every time. You could simply agree to be with him for a lifetime and through all the good and bad times. He also should commit the same to you.

As far as the commitment is concerned, you could write your own wedding vows or poems. You could also mix traditional vows with yours. You could select modern music for all your rituals. This although would depend on the church authorities as some genres of music are not allowed there. However, if you are getting married at any other venue, you can choose your music with full freedom.

You could discuss with the priest in your church regarding all these rituals. You could also decide about your wedding party. Decide with whom you would enter on the aisle. Normally the bride enters with her father; but in certain cases, the bride may want to enter with someone else.