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Wedding cakes

Selection of Wedding cakes is quite simple; you just have to follow three easy steps. First; Get wedding cake ideas ,second; cake prices, and third; choose your baker. Follow these steps, and you will have confections that match your personal style and budget.

  • Determine your Wedding Cake Design: The Wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception. Your cake should symbolize the theme of your wedding and reveal your overall vision. Think about the style, color, shape, and adornments. Make a list of qualities you prefer and do not prefer. Make sure to consider the longevity of your cake while making your choice.

  • Choose your Wedding Cake Baker: Choose a few local cake bakers and book appointments to analyze their portfolios. While meeting with potential bakers, consider both look and flavor of the cake. The one you select should be able to create the beautiful masterpiece you desire, and it should taste delicious as well.

  • Wedding Cake Trends: Motivate your imagination with this list of today's top trends for wedding cakes. Much more than a sweet ending to the reception meal, wedding cakes are a main style statement. And trends in wedding cakes, like all other wedding things, develop with the times.

Few common trends in wedding cake are:

  • Back to Butter cream: Butter cream was once the long-established frosting for wedding cakes, but silky cakes came into favor. Thanks to advanced tools and techniques that allow butter cream to look as smooth as fondant. You will love this trend, since butter cream frosting tastes superior and has natural ingredients, and is priced less than fondant.

  • Keeping it Simple: Simple cakes are making a comeback as brides are looking for artistic ways to meet their budgets without sacrificing fashion. Traditional ivory fondant embroidered with ribbon or flowers is a gorgeous and safe choice.

  • Creative Toppers: Many unique and exclusive cake toppers like paper rosettes, pinwheels and bird nests are adorning modern cakes, while many couples are going back to the long-established bride and groom cake but with an exciting twist of toppers.
Let us look at the colors of Wedding Cakes:
  • Blue Rules: Shades of blue have been dominating the wedding decoration palette, and your wedding cake is a just right canvas to include this cool shade. Consider a cake flooded in turquoise, periwinkle, or navy, and decorate it with complimenting colors like silver, white, yellow or grey. It will look lovely.

  • Sweet Pink: Pink is the everlasting hot color for weddings. It had begun to fall out of favor as brides experiment with more non-traditional hues like grays, browns, and even black. However soft or baby pink is back in a big way, and brides are incorporating the blush tones all through their wedding cake designs. Pink right away freshens up classic white.

  • Wedding Cake Prices: Simple wedding cakes are apparently less expensive, so select a simple design with minimum adornments. Fresh fruit and flowers are low-priced, while handmade gum paste or sugar paste decorations cost higher because they are not easy to make.

Wedding cakes play an important role in wedding. It is considered as the style statement. Therefore, your wedding cake should be beautiful, stylish, delicious and appetizing. The above mentioned easy steps will help you to plan your wedding cake. If you want to know more about wedding cake you will find various types of wedding cake information and their pictures at

It is important that your cake creates a visual charm apart from being delicious. Normally butter cream cakes are preferred because they are extremely soft and fresh. Additionally, you can have a variety of flavors and designs in this. A traditional white chocolate or vanilla cake is still a preferred option. However, there are couples who experiment with it. Some of them choose dark chocolate, lemon, carrot, chocolate with strawberries, blueberry, and many other unconventional flavors.

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