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How to Order a Wedding Cake

How to Order a Wedding Cake

It is a good idea to order your wedding cake at least four weeks before your wedding. This means you have to consult the bakers at least 2 months in advance to discuss the flavor, the embellishments, the price and other details. Shortlist at least 3 - 4 vendors, so that you can compare the packages and prices and also have the much needed tasting sessions with them.

After selecting a caterer or baker first of all you get an estimate from your chosen cake designer. Make sure that it details all expenses such as cake cost, setup, accessory rentals, and any additional fees. Also it is necessary to list delivery date, time, and place, and the payment policy.

Do not forget the details regarding the frosting, icing, fillings, toppers, cake pulls, decorations, embellishments; style of the cake, wedding venue, time of delivery, cake-cutting and payment. You need to discuss these points clearly before finalizing the baker or paying the advance or deposit.

These days, bakers offer all these things in an entire package where you just have to finalize the cake and order it. They take care of everything else such as delivery, serving etc. Wedding cake is the most important part of a wedding. It is the center of attraction and is often used as a centerpiece for the venue. Your wedding cake should represent your style, personality and taste; but it should also fit in your budget.

Looking at the cake photographs in the magazines and bakers' catalogs, we often fall in love with a certain cake which is way out of our budget. In that case, don't shy away from asking the baker if he could bake you a small but exact replica of the cake you loved for the display. A simple cake with the same flavors can be baked separately for serving. You will perhaps have to make some changes, but trying doesn't hurt, does it?

Before ordering a cake, you must consider two important things: the number of guests and the budget.

You may not have an exact number of people when you go to order a cake; but you do have a guest list i.e. the estimated number of people supposedly attending the wedding. This estimate is enough for a skilled baker to make a perfect cake for you. The price of a wedding cake ranges widely; right from a few hundred to several thousands. Thus, it is important to have a confirmed budget before you even meet with the baker.

Your wedding cake should reflect the theme of your wedding as well as your style. For instance, if you are having a butterfly wedding, you should have a cake in the shape of a butterfly or the embellishments in butterfly shape cascading down the cake. If going for a traditional Christian wedding, an all-white cake works wonders!

You must also consider the venue where you are hosting your wedding. Whether it is indoors or outdoors can make a big difference in the selection of the icing and the frosting of the cake. Certain ingredients can tolerate the hot weather; but others cannot. For instance, fondant won't be damaged due to the heat, but butter cream or whipped cream would be. Whatever be the icing and the frosting, you are not supposed to keep the cake out in the open air for a long time. You may end up ruining the dream cake and spoiling your mood.

For cost-cutting, we suggest that you make a different cake for display and another cake for actual serving in the same flavor. This saves the cost and you can retain your wedding cake for your wedding night, which would indeed be a saucy surprise for your partner!

Besides these things, there are some other things which you should discuss with your baker. For example, cake pulls, toppers, message, etc. needs to be finalized. If you want any special personalized topper, you need to intimate the baker beforehand so that he can do as you say. Besides, cake pulls have to be intricately put together into the cake in such a way that when you pull them out of the cake, they do not cause any damage.

The basic mantra is, consult a professional baker, communicate what you want and relax! Just sit back and enjoy yourself!

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