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How to Cut the Wedding Cake

How to Cut the Wedding Cake

Cutting the wedding cake is one of the most traditional and respected ceremonies of wedding planning. This is the time when a couple shows the first picture of their married life to their closed ones. You better be prepared for this ceremony rather than being embarrassed about the event for rest of your life!

Perfect time

The first part of the ceremony is timing it perfectly. If it's a cocktail reception then you will be cutting the cake right after the guests shuffle from the receiving line. If it's a lunch or dinner reception then cut the cake after the meal is done.

Pose for the cake

As this one of the most precious moments of the wedding planning, you would definitely want it to be preserved. Coordinate with the photographer and get some valued photos of the cake cutting ceremony. You would also like to click some photos with the near and dear ones such as family members or close friends.

Cutting the layer

Some wedding planning themes allow elaborate cake table decorations. You may not want to spoil the efforts it took to decorate the table or the actual cutting may get missed out in the decorations if you cut the bottom layer. Cutting the top layer might be very uncomfortable if the cake is highly storied. So you'll have to figure out which is the appropriate layer to be cut and give the best possible effect. This will make things look much elegant.


The reason behind the popularity of this event is to scrutinize the chemistry between the newlywed couple. Traditional way of cutting the wedding cake is groom's hand over the bride's hand while she holds the knife, mostly right hands are used. In a military or a warrior wedding theme a sword can be used to cut the wedding cake. This is the moment you can forget the world and enjoy the moment with your beloved life partner.

After cutting, eat your cake!

Ideally, groom serves the bride first and then the bride serves groom. In formal ceremonies, bride and groom serve their respective in laws as an act of respect and love. You may have to ask a close friend to slice the cake according to the invitations, as slicing the cake may not be included in the free wedding planning packages. Generally, slicing the cake happens out of the guests' view and it can also be done by well trained caterers.