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Wedding Gifts for Attendants

Wedding Gifts for Attendants

Whether a wedding is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, it is the most precious day in one's life. It is always considered as a memorial event. The gifts that are received by bride and groom as well as the return gifts, which bride and groom give to their guests adds sweet memories of this day in their life.

It is most difficult task for a person to choose appropriate gift for his guest, which they will always cherish and remember. Today, just about anything goes for attendants' gifts, from an engraved money clip to a fishing rod.

Here are a few tips:

  • Anything which is monogrammed or engraved makes a great gift
  • Don't feel you have to buy the same gift for each of your female or male attendants
  • Be creative and buy gifts to suit your attendant's individual style and personality
Here is the list of some of the best wedding gifts for the guests who attends wedding:

  • Organza Pouch Gift:

    It is very simple and sweet pouch. It's drawstring closing contains five foil covered chocolate hearts of your choice.

  • Square Box-Turquoise:

    It has subtle textured pattern on matt and is a perfect wedding gift for the guests.

  • Heart Shaped Key Chain:

    This heart shaped key chain has a wonderful chrome finishing and is scarlet red in color. This could also be black with a metallic finish.

  • Hanging Tile:

    This tile made of glass serves as an elegant wedding gift for your guests.

  • Pintail Candles:

    They have amazing smell and available in several scents. They burn for approximately fifteen hours.

By giving these gifts to your attendants you will show them that you do not just love them but also care for them. Bellow are some wedding gift ideas for your specific type of attendants. Gifts for Particular Attendants

There are gifts, which a couple needs to give to their guests. Some of these are the most common ones like flowers and chocolates. Personalizing is a good option. Mention your name and your partner's name along with the wedding date and the name of the respective guest on that gift.

You could personalize wedding gifts for your guests. Get separate gifts for kids, men and women. Gifts should be in accordance with their gender and age group. There are umpteen varieties of gifts you could get for kids like story books, drawing books, other stationery items, soft toys, etc. If the kids are below five years you get could toys, games or picture books.

For teen girls you could get a fancy pair of ear rings or a bracelet. You could give them a cosmetic kit or a jewelry box. You can gift some of these things to women as well. There are many other varieties you can gift women apart from cosmetics and jewelry. You could buy hand gags, purses, clutches, pouches for cell phones, sets of napkins, crockery items, etc.

There are fewer varieties probably that are exclusively for men. There are many gifts you could give men and women in common. These include pens, perfumes, moisturizing lotions, saplings, plantable seeds, chocolate boxes, candy jars, air tight containers and lunch boxes, cookie baskets, flower vase, t- shirts, picture frames, candles, etc.

Marriage is a wonderful occasion to thank your parents for whatever they have done for you so far. It is a nice idea to gift your parents and in laws. Gifting your in laws helps in rapport building to some extent. Give your parents and in laws something exclusive and usefulwhich they would cherish for their lifetime. This depends on your budget. If you are well settled and have a lavish budget you could even gift them a new home. Gifting them a tour package is also a good idea.

Preferably stick to utility gifts rather than keepsakes. Most people tend to appreciate a gift if they are able to use it. Certain keepsakes which can also be utilized are picture frames, candles, bottle openers, etc.