Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes should essentially complement your wedding dress. Hence, do not hasten to buy the shoes unless your dress is finalized. It generally cannot happen the other way round.

Few Precautions before you buy the bridal shoes-

Wedding Shoes

  • Be sure your legs especially calf muscles do not pain when you wear high heels for a long time. Remember that you would have to stand for a long time and walk the aisle on your wedding day. Hence, doing so in the shoes that you are comfortable wearing is a good idea.
  • Do not randomly fall in love with some pair of shoes. Be practical to see if they match your wedding dress.
  • Do not select fabrics like silk or satin for your shoes especially if the wedding venue is outdoors. This is because silk or satin can easily become wet with the due on the grass and is also prone to staining.
  • Do not even consider wearing heels if you tend to stumble or are uncomfortable walking with heels on. You cannot waste your day doing the balancing act on such an important day of your life.
  • Remember that your comfort level with yourself is of utmost importance. Only then you would be able to relax and enjoy with your future husband, family and friends.
  • Finalizing a budget for your shoes is important. When you do so, you should have a clear idea as to what you exactly want in your shoes. Otherwise, you would end up spending the entire budget of your wedding dress only on your shoes.
  • If you opt for a high heel, then make sure the height of your wedding dress is altered considering the height of your shoes when you wear them and not your actual height.

Tips to buy the right wedding shoes

  • Choose a color that closely matches with your wedding dress. For instance, there are a variety of shades of white. Carry a piece of fabric of your wedding dress while shopping for the shoes because if your dress is diamond white you should not end up buying shoes that are snow white.
  • Choose a fabric that matches with your wedding dress. You get shoes in satin, silk, crepe, etc. You have plenty of laces on your wedding dresses make sure you have a couple of laces for your shoes too.
  • One simple rule is that you can buy simple shoes if you have a heavily embellished wedding dress and embellished shoes if you have a relatively simple wedding dress. This way, they complement each other well.
  • If you opt for a colored wedding dress, go for the shoe color that closely matches with the dress. You do get shoes in ivory, light blue, light pink, red and many other shades that might match with your wedding gown.
  • If your wedding dress material is shiny, then satin shoes would suit well
  • If your wedding dress has a matte effect, then crepe shoes would look good
  • If you have a sequined, pearled or heavily embellished wedding dress, then a rhinestone or a couple of pearls on your shoes would look good
  • You can opt for ballet shoes that are absolutely soft and comfortable to wear for an entire day. The entire body of these shoes is made from some soft fabric and it has designs and embellishments on top as per your requirement.

Make sure you are comfortable in your wedding shoes. If you are not comfortable with very high heels, you can buy semi flats. There is a huge variety even in flat or semi flat shoes that are not typically bridal shoes. However, they look good on the bride.

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