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Wedding Accessories

Once you are engaged and the wedding date is fixed there are innumerable wedding accessories that you need to buy or make. Wedding accessories consist of everything from the smallest of centerpieces to cake toppers, jewelry, gifts, wedding gown accessories and so on.

Bridal showers are a good way to collect some of your accessories like centerpieces, tablecloths, vases, candles, etc. you can make some of the accessories at home. You can use some of the accessories used by your mother or grandmother. You can do this especially for your jewelry, tiara or wedding gown accessories. This can also save you a lot of money and using your motherís jewelry has its own charm.

While listing out all the wedding accessories as well as bridal accessories, you need an eye for the details. It is likely that you would miss out on something and remember it at the very last moment. It is good to consult your immediate family or close friends especially the ones who are married recently. This always helps.

You can buy some basic material and make some centerpieces and decor items on your own. Take help from somebody who is artistic. There are many DIY kits available in the stores. Apart from that, it is good to use your creativity and imagination. You can buy satin ribbons, curtain materials, gift wraps, gift bags, pearls, plain pieces of cloth, etc. You can use all these and many more materials to create decor pieces. You can make roses out of satin ribbons, tie them on the gift wraps or make a bow and stick it on to the gift bags. There are many more ideas you could try like doing some embroidery or design on the table cloths, painting the vases, making your own candles, etc. You can buy decorative feathers, decorative glassware, crockery, candle stands, confetti, etc.

You would have to send invitation cards to the guests well in advance. Hence, it is essential to plan and print the invitation cards at least a couple of months for the wedding day. Invitation cards could also be made very decorative and colorful. This is also an important wedding accessory. You can make your own matter or refer to the content on various websites. There are various templates of invitation cards available online and in the market. You can buy a handmade paper, glossy paper or any other material you want to print on the card. You can use strings, ribbons, pearls, etc to decorate your invitation card.

You can go green on your wedding day. You could decorate the venue with all eco friendly materials and natural resources. This looks beautiful. You can keep earthen pots with small green plants in it. Use a lot of fresh flowers instead of artificial ones. You can make or buy candles made out of natural bees wax. You can use floating candles. Lit them and place them in a glass bowl with some water in it. These float on the water. You can add some pearls or rose petals in the bowl. You can keep this on every dining table. It looks stunning.

Glass jars filled with sand, gravels and stones also look stunning. You can keep a big glass jar with 2-3 colors of gravel and stones on the main table. Avoid keeping big jars or big items on the dining tables as it would block the view of the guests. Part from sand and gravel, you could buy water pearls or glass nuggets. Water pearls expand when put in water. You can use small glass jars or glasses with a wide mouth to keep these. This could be used as a decor item on the dining table as well as the central big table.

Buying or making the desired wedding accessories of your dreams is extremely fulfilling for every bride to be. It takes you a step closer to your wedding day. It is essential that you make a list of all the accessories you require and allot a budget for everything. You can do this once you finalize on the total wedding budget.

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