Wedding Planning Ideas

Groom's Guide to Wedding Planning

More grooms are getting involved in the wedding planning practice now a days. Show the bride you love, care, and make your mark on your big day, by lending a hand wherever you can.

Groom guide to wedding planning

Offer Your Help:

Planning a wedding can be quite hectic and the first rule of thumb is to offer your help. This doesn't mean you'll be required to spend hours perusing bridal books or tying bows on favors. Simply offering to help in ways you feel relaxed will ease her pressure immensely. Some grooms love the idea of selecting colors and attending bridal fairs, while others would moderately help behind the scenes by making phone calls to dealers or taking the invitations to the post office.

Be a Listening Ear:

Even if you're not involved in all the minute decisions she had to make, simply taking your fiancé out for a quiet and peaceful evening and listening to all she's been doing can help to ease any aggravation she might have and it's a way for you to reconnect with each other by concentrating on your relationship rather than just the wedding. Try taking out time to talk, listen and assist her with any challenges, which will show your bride how much you love and care her.

Your Opinion Matters:

Many men think that wedding planning is best if left to the bride and her family. This is not because they have no view, but because they feel their thoughts or opinions may not be well-received. But the majority of women truly appreciate any contribution their grooms have to offer. Planning a marriage and making so many important decisions can be vast, and most brides would love a little care and support from their partner

Here is a groom's guide to wedding planning:

You have come into a select group of lucky men called Grooms. These simple steps will help you become a Super-Groom and your Bride will be able to enjoy that much more.

  • You will need to really plan a few important things; along with the RehearsalDinner. Traditionally, as we all know the groom's parents host this event. This Rehearsal dinner is not that significant but still this event is held as offering thank you to your guests, attendants and special family members. It doesn't have to be strict, but it does have to be well thought out.
  • Your bride is in charge, from the moment the ring goes on her finger. It is your duty to give her support. You must take care about the Wedding planning as your bride will be expecting you to assist in choosing out the flowers, even if you have by no means done that in your life.
  • Always remember to give opinions related to your marriage
  • Choose your Best Man and Groomsmen. These are like your own brothers and friends. It is always a best idea to include the Brides brother as he will be your brother after marriage. Ensure that they know what job is expected from them.

Weddings are predominantly known to be a bride's arena. However, things are changing for the better now. More and more grooms nowadays involve themselves in wedding planning. Even if the groom plays a supporting role it is more than enough and most brides would appreciate it.

It is extremely stressful for the bride to do it all alone especially when she is doing a full time job which nowadays most brides do. Hence, even little help is always welcome. There are many things which a couple can do together; shopping, writing wedding vows, planning menu, etc. This would enable them to spend some wonderful time together.

Apart from this a groom could do a handful of other activities like mailing invitation cards, making a list of all the important purchases, helping in the budget, sending reminders to all the vendors like florists, bakers, etc.

Wedding is equally important for both bride and groom. It's important that both take equal participation in their wedding. Above mentioned tips and guidance will surely help the groom to keep his bride happy forever.