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Wedding is a special day in a person's life. Our site helps people to plan their wedding and start a new life in style.

Proper wedding planning is a key to a successful wedding. Here, you will get interesting tips on theme wedding, how to cut wedding cake, how to choose videographer or photographer and lots more.

This is just the kind of information you have been searching while you plan for the most memorable day of your life.

Here, you will get all the information you need to plan a perfect fairytale wedding. We have covered topics such as invitations, hairstyles, favors, etiquette which are very important to carry out a successful wedding.

In the wedding planning checklists, you will find all the checklists that are necessary for planning a wedding. We have prepared a separate section for each element in wedding planning and sub-sections for the further information. You just have to click on the parent link in the left panel and you will find a list of topics covered regarding the same.

For instance, there are several checklists to consider while planning your wedding. So, we have made a separate section for wedding checklists. This section contains the information about checklists and the links to various checklists. Let's have a look:

  • Checklist for groom - Things needed for groom to make his day run smooth are listed with the time line to acquire those things.
  • Rehearsal dinner checklist - A list of items needed at the rehearsal dinner venue and the order of events is listed with the time line.
  • Checklist for bridal attire - Every little detail is taken into consideration right from a safety pin to the veil.
  • Checklist for looking beautiful on wedding day - Some generic guidelines about haircare, skincare and the beauty regime for bride has been given.
  • Photo checklist - A list of must have photos for the wedding album and the checklist has been included.
  • Ceremony checklist - List of items needed as per the requirements and the rituals has been given.
  • Reception checklist - Checklist necessary for planning a wedding reception has been included along with the timeline.
  • After the reception checklist - The list of items to bring home and to return to the vendors after the celebrations has been given.
  • Invitations checklist - Types of invitations along with some DIY ideas and theme-based invitations are given.
  • Flower checklist - Floral checklist with the decoration ideas as well as novel ideas for bridal bouquets are given along with the list of the seasonal flowers.
  • Emergency kit checklist - Some items you need to carry along on the big day, just in case!
  • Name Change checklist - Information and documents required for changing your name after getting married has been given.
  • Liquor checklist - Most important of all, the liquor, the types of bar and the quantity for a group of people has been given.
  • Traditional checklist - Planning starting from the day you say yes needs timeline which is right here.
This is an example of how the sections are built in this website. Go through the sections for finding the information you desire and plan a perfect wedding.

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