Today's Biking

Just For The Fun Of It.

Fun Riding

Bikes are used today for all sorts of reasons. There's street bikes for those who like to travel to work, stores, or other practical uses. The more adventurous may choose a mountain or racing bike for a more challenging experience. Beach bikes are used on bike paths, bike trails, and casual riding. They all have one thing in common - They're fun!

Beach Bikes

A fast growing trend are beach bikes or beach cruisers. They come in many styles, colors, and configurations to fit your personal riding style and personality. Some are designed for short and casual riding while others are more  equiped to handle longer distance riding or faster speeds.

Beach Cruisers

The beach cruiser is a simple but cool bike designed for comfort and casual riding. It's great for riding at slower speeds while at the beach or on the bike path while enjoying the view. Invite a few friends to ride with you on a pleasant weekend getaway for an exciting and memorable experience.

Comfort Bikes

In a unique catagory by itself are comfort bikes. They're designed for the rider's comfort with softer seats and a frame design to keep your body in an upright position while you ride. They come in different models with 1, 3, and even 7 speed configerations and your choice of various accessory options.

Ready To Buy?

Before you buy your next beach bike, research the different features and quality points of each brand. They are not all built with the high standards you expect. Some brands offer more colors, accessories, and other options that might not be available with other brands. The warranty is also important to look at and will give you a clue of the bike's quality and the builder's confidence.


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